Portraits taken by Lucas Rachner

In this post I want to show you some portraits
that I have been taking over the past years.
Three of them I have edited colorful whereas
one of them is B/W as it fits better to
the environment.
Hope you like them!

(c) Lucas Rachner

(c) Lucas Rachner

(c) Lucas Rachner

(c) Lucas Rachner


Long Exposure

In this Post we want to show you some awesome photographs
which are done with very long exposure.

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(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge



During the last weeks we have been thinking of giving other,
talented photographers the opportunity to present their works
on our blog. In this connection, we have been looking for them
on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Today, we want to 
introduce Emma, an artist and photographer who is currently
 presenting her works in a gallery in Glasgow, Scottland. 

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Emma explains her photographs shown below 
in the following way:

"The first image of the village is part of series called
La Dolce Fa Niente, which translate in Italian means
the sweetness of doing nothing. It is part of two other 
series called the China series and Malaysia series,
all three are interconnected. I have dual heritage 
and have family in all of these countries though
closer family in Italy and Malaysia. When I go to 
these countries I feel foreign and like an insider at
the same time, as my families are native. 
During my time in these countries I photograph 
my time there and document my trip. Through 
photographing the experience I go from inside/outsider 
to become something more. 

The image of the chair and the heater is from series
named 'Interiors'. It was a project I conceived at 
University, I was moving around a lot and didn't real
feel I had much of a real home. So I became interested
in other peoples instead, I started photographing
homes in and around South London predominantly
as that's where I was studying. The homes in the series
range from georgian family houses, to squats. In all 
the images there are no actual people present just the
spaces they inhabit, and a trace of their existence, 
which is what I wanted to capture.
The images themselvesare quite bleak and lonely. 
As far as professional photography goes outside of
Fine Art photography, I do a lot of stills for films and 
a media company. "

Enjoy them and have a good week,

Lucas and Oliver.


Düsseldorf - Germany - Media Harbour

Last weekend we went to Düsseldorf, a city located in
West Germany. Characterized by its stunning archictecture,
it has been a great place to take long exposed photographs.

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Enjoy your week!

(c) Lucas Rachner
(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge



Those are some old photographs that I found on my computer.

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(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

 (c) Oliver Ohlrogge
(c) Oliver Ohlrogge



some impressions of our home town..
(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge


Russia - Ekaterinburg

I have been to Russia many times now.
Those photographs show the differences
that you can experience in the country of
vodka and bears. The gap between rich
and poor is still widening at great speed.
Anyway, the nature is impressive and
many parts of Russia are modernized.

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Vintage Look

Since retro or vintage look is quite popular at the moment,
we tried to create our own retro style, do you like it?

(c) Lucas Rachner
(c) Lucas Rachner
(c) Lucas Rachner
(c) Lucas Rachner



Experience the power of sun and wind. We tried to capture
it for you as best as possible.

(c) Lucas Rachner
(c) Lucas Rachner
(c) Oliver Ohlrogge
(c) Oliver Ohlrogge

(c) Oliver Ohlrogge